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The River Styx

"The best soap comes from human fat!"

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Welcome to the River Styx community! Created by Paxil_Fox our purpose is to basically..well..appreciate and discuss cool shit XD! 80's cartoons you loved, your favorite cult movie, a cheesy Boris Karlof movie that you fell in love with or the latest movie you think would be worthy of getting a real MST job done to it.

The sky is the limit with this community! But, a few rules-

1-Be nice and courteous to everyone.
2-No smartass, condiscending attitudes toward other members or in general.
3-Express your opinion always, but do it in an intelligent way.
4-Despite the above rules, try not to take yourself too seriously, this is a communty set created for fun. Don't get mad over small things a member might say, assuming its not an insult or something against the rules.
5-Post as much as you can! We like to see what you have to say, no thought or opinion does'nt matter in this community. Start topics if you see things are going kinda quiet.

6-Have fun! The most important rule!^_^